The Parking Solution at FRCC

Written By: Jacob Hallberg The fall and spring semesters at Front Range Community College can cause quite the predicament for students attending their classes. The influx of vehicle traffic and seeming lack of spots can cause students to be late for their classes and just generally be stressful. Often times students will leave from home... Continue Reading →

Important Fall Dates and Deadlines

By Jacob Hallberg The summer semester is nearing its end and students are scrambling to finish up the last assignments and tests. Often times, students can feel overwhelmed with the many different deadlines that come with a new school semester. With so many upcoming, these final weeks can become a blur. The New Student Orientation... Continue Reading →

Student Employment at FRCC-Westminster

By Jacob Hallberg Financial status plays a significant role in the overall stress level of many students attending Front Range Community College. The job market can seem like a scary front, but in truth employment at Front Range Community College is a smooth process if you are willing to put in the effort. Front Range... Continue Reading →

FRCC’s Newest Award Winning Program

Front Range Community College has an award winning program housed on campus that you may not have heard of, the Gateway to College program. At the end of June, PJ Travin, the Assistant Director of the Gateway to College Program, and Andy Dorsey, the President of FRCC, traveled to Minneapolis, MN to accept the award.... Continue Reading →

Howl Release Party at College Hill Library

Front Range Community College-Westminster creates a student driven, campus-wide journal titled Howl every two years. This year the third edition was released at the Howl Release Party on April 21, in the College Hill Library. The event had music by FRCC’s Gypsy Jazz Trio, a free copy of Howl, and refreshments that were served. Attendees... Continue Reading →

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