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Give Peace A Chance

Compiled by Seth Ciancio 52 years ago, the front page of The Community Free Wake, the predecessor to The Front Page, was covered in articles and images about the shooting at Kent State University. This is a transcription of that page. VOLUME 1, NO. 20       Those Who Are About To Die, We … Continue reading “Give Peace A Chance”

Why is Frcc Closing its Brighton Center?

On June 30th, FRCC’s Brighton Campus is going to permanently close its doors. The announcement was made in March, with the administration saying that “Our lease on the center expires [this June] and our most recent center director recently resigned- which makes this a natural time to review the future of the center.” After analyzing … Continue reading “Why is Frcc Closing its Brighton Center?”

Lighting A Fire In Women

“Gaslighting” is a term that I think few of us have been able to avoid in the last couple of years. It is popping up on news channels, social media outlets, and mental health awareness information all over the world. The definition on Google is simple, “manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own … Continue reading “Lighting A Fire In Women”


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