Sweating Out the Fall Semester

  Photos by Jeramey Reamer   Written by Jeramey Reamer   Now that classes are in full swing, the increasing workload can leave many students feeling overwhelmed. Papers due by midnight, group projects with absent members, and piles of information dumped on you often leads to feeling flustered. However, Front Range Community College offers one... Continue Reading →

Career Insight

Written by Anthony Arellano As the students at Front Range Community College walk through the halls, they may wonder if they have chosen the right major for themselves. The funny thing is, often the professors are working in their dream career. This can be said for FRCC art professor, Heidi Strang. A question any student... Continue Reading →

The Pantry

Written by Gabriella Jade Need food for the week, but rent is coming up soon? Struggling with what option to choose? There is a way to have both. The Pantry is a food pantry available to all Front Range Community College Westminster students. The Pantry, which opened in February 2016, is managed by Jessica Jurgella,... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Unity

Written by DJ Lincks Rainbow Unity is the newest FRCC Westminster Campus run club that provides students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations a safe environment to truly be themselves. Although it is LGBTQ directed, it is not exclusive to the community and encourages students of all backgrounds to participate. I was fortunate enough... Continue Reading →

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