Club for Student Musicians is in Perfect Tune

Written by Jeramey Reamer An acoustic crescendo echoed down the hallways as the Guitar and Performance Club began strumming. This group of musicians play their instruments and sing while networking with other enthusiasts. Front Range students Chris Gonzales, Madison Drake and Nick Chiovitti took center stage as the leaders of the organization. After a brief... Continue Reading →


New FRCC Dean

Written by Anthony Arellano In a conversation with the new Front Range Community College Dean of Instruction, Francois Jacobs, he discussed the upcoming campus improvements, advice for new students and his excitement for the upcoming 2017-2018 fall semester. Jacobs’ major focus for the upcoming semester includes hiring additional student advisors and developing the Business, Information... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Unity

Written by DJ Lincks Rainbow Unity is the newest FRCC Westminster Campus run club that provides students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations a safe environment to truly be themselves. Although it is LGBTQ directed, it is not exclusive to the community and encourages students of all backgrounds to participate. I was fortunate enough... Continue Reading →

The Parking Solution at FRCC

Written By: Jacob Hallberg The fall and spring semesters at Front Range Community College can cause quite the predicament for students attending their classes. The influx of vehicle traffic and seeming lack of spots can cause students to be late for their classes and just generally be stressful. Often times students will leave from home... Continue Reading →

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