The Front Page has many categories to help readers distinguish between the different types of articles the newspaper has to offer. They are:

Campus News

All of the news happening at FRCC.

Editorial/Opinion Based Content (all)

Staff Editorials

Opinion pieces written by The Front Page staff.

Editorial Submissions

Articles written and submitted to The Front Page by FRCC students and staff.


Reviews of movies, games, restaurants, or other things determined to be relevant to readers by The Front Page staff.

Archive Features

Articles & stories about FRCC’s past. Including but not limited to “Archive Features”, where we feature articles from our physical newspaper archive- which has nearly every issue of every student newspaper associated with FRCC that has been published since 1969.


Stories that capture the lives and experiences of FRCC students and staff.


Articles whose core content is an interview with a member (or multiple members) of the FRCC community.

Contest Winners

Featuring work by FRCC students that has won one of our contests.

Wolf Life

Front Page coverage of FRCC events.