For proper citing and informational purposes, please see our old staff members page to preview contributors to older articles. Current staff members below:

DJ Lincks-Managing Editor

bio picDJ began writing for the Front Page in late January, 2016 and was recently promoted to Managing Editor in May, 2017. She is currently majoring in English and is considering a career in either teaching or Journalism. She plans to transfer to Metropolitan State University of Denver in Fall of 2018 to pursue a more focused degree of either Journalism or English Literature. Kurt Vonnegut novels & short stories, painting, playing guitar, and writing occupy much of her time, and she believes wholeheartedly in utilizing one’s free time in order to pursue the activities or hobbies that fulfill you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Eventually, she hopes to attain a career/life that accomplishes all three.

Brittany Stevenson-Copy Editor

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Brittany Stevenson has currently been taking classes at Front Range Community College for two years and plans to acquire her degree in English this 2017 Fall semester. Working at the Front Page as an editor has allowed Brittany to gain experience in her prefered field and be able to work within her community. In her free time, Brittany enjoys playing her violin and being with her family as well as reading, spending time with friends, and listening to her wide range of music. Brittany is the oldest of her two siblings and lives with her family in Frederick, CO.

 Jeramey Reamer-Writer

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Jeramey Reamer is one of the newest writers to join the Front Page team.  Originally from sunny Florida, he now lives in Boulder and looks forward to his time working with FRCC.  A lifelong musician and performer, he is currently studying towards the Recording Arts Certificate as a means of taking his songs to the next level.  Before arriving on the Westminster campus, he flew humanitarian missions to both Iraq and Afghanistan while in the Air Force.  Jeramey is using his time at FRCC to remain focused on continuing his goal of community building through the arts.

Ezra Ekman-Photographer

Ezra-Portrait-ModifiedEzra Ekman is a photographer with a background in commercial, editorial, journalistic, and portrait photography. He is passionate about engaging storytelling and capturing compelling visuals. When Ezra isn’t out shooting photos, he is building web sites or studying science and technology. Ezra has been published in newspapers and on television in the Denver, San Francisco, and New York metro areas.


Massiel Orduna-Photographer

12846E9ED0DA411AB64782B591A3571AMy name is Massiel Orduna and I’m a young Hispanic Photographer, Videographer, and Actress who is trying to impact the world one soul at a time. Hoping I can create, stand out, inspire, and repeat.

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