For proper citing and informational purposes, please see our old staff members page to preview contributors to older articles. Current staff members below:


Joe Fisk-Managing Editor

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Joe Fisk enjoys writing and filming. His interest in writing started as a child with creative short stories. Since he has expanded to screenwriting and journalism. His goal is to entertain through truth and collaboration. Outside of writing, Joe can be found playing music, directing film, reading and acting. Most of all, he enjoys the presence of family and friends, who are his main sources of creative inspiration.

Rhiana Bilderaya-Writer


Rhiana is 26 years old and currently pursuing an Associate’s degree in Programming. She works in the non-profit sector and is really enjoying learning so many new things at Front Range. In her spare time she plays piano, spends as much time as possible outside, and loves the Botanic Gardens in Denver. Writing is something she’s always done as a hobby and she’s thrilled to be writing for FRCC.

Tiffany Xiong-Photographer


Tiffany Xiong is a Communication major focusing on public relations and marketing.  She works as a photographer and updates our Instagram and Twitter.  Outside of school she has a passion for makeup, photography, and gardening.

Drew Lascot-Copy Editor

Drew has enjoyed writing for much of his life, from short stories and screenplays, to essays and analysis. He loves being able to write and edit professionally for The Front Page, while staying artistically active with the Creative Writing Club, and is tentatively pursuing an Associates in Communications. Outside of FRCC, Drew enjoys cooking, film, video games, reading, drawing, and playing/training with his puppy, Tulip.

Andy Tucker-Photographer

Andrea Tucker is an Army Veteran who is currently pursuing her Associates of Science and is aspiring to become a physician’s assistant. She works as a photographer for The Front Page and enjoys expressing narratives through photography. In her free-time, Andrea likes to sing, travel to different countries, and read.