For proper citing and informational purposes, please see our old staff members page to preview contributors to older articles. Current staff members below:

Madison Otten-Managing Editor

Madison Otten









Madison Otten is a person of many interests, she is a student in the school of Multimedia Graphic Design and is working hard towards a degree in Animation here at FRCC. Madison enjoys the fun things in life including (But not limited to) video games, writing, comic books, movies, and fantasy novels. She hopes to one day live an adventurous life as a storyboard artist or a comic book artist.


Drew Lascot-Copy Editor


Drew Lascot is the copy editor of the Front Page, coming aboard as a writer with a background in video. He’s made short films, wedding and music videos, and has shot video for Jefferson County schools as well as the city of Wheat Ridge. Visual storytelling is his passion, his favorite avenue of which being film. He writes screenplays, makes shorts, and networks in the growing Colorado film scene, hoping to make his break-out hit. Drew’s currently pursuing an Associate of Arts in Communication and keeps an open mind for the future, but is currently looking to pursue Journalism or video production full time.

Joe Fisk -Writer


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Joe Fisk enjoys writing and filming. His interest in writing started as a child with creative short stories. Since he has expanded to screenwriting and journalism. His goal is to entertain through truth and collaboration. Outside of writing, Joe can be found playing music, directing film, reading and acting. Most of all, he enjoys the presence of family and friends, who are his main sources of creative inspiration.


Haley Hunt- Writer


Hayley is a student at Front Range who is currently working towards her Associates in Anthropology. Wishing to get her Master’s in Biological and Forensic Anthropology, her goal is to work with and help identify war and crime victims. She has been playing piano for six years, and enjoys learning and performing movie and television soundtracks. After getting into painting two years ago, Hayley uses it as a way to relax after a long day, as well as to paint almost every single glass cup in her cabinets. She has joined the student paper in order to gain more experience in writing and recording information in order to teach and inform others of new things.  


Ezra Ekman-Photographer


Ezra Ekman is a photographer with a background in commercial, editorial, journalistic, and portrait photography. He is passionate about engaging storytelling and capturing compelling visuals. When Ezra isn’t out shooting photos, he is building web sites or studying science and technology. Ezra has been published in newspapers and on television in the Denver, San Francisco, and New York metro areas.


Lindsey Brand-Photographer



Lindsey Brand is 35, has been married for 4 years to her husband Kevin and she lives in Highlands Ranch with her 2 dogs. She has 2 older brothers both of whom are married, and one younger sister, one nephew and two niece’s. She loves to read, watch movies with her husband, hang out with friends and family, and take pictures. She has a two year degree in Early Childhood Education, and is back in school to become a Sign Language Interpreter.

Lori Robinson – Writer


Boulder freshman Lori Robinson a former design editor and special projects coordinator for The Saginaw News in Saginaw, Mich. She holds a 1992 Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in art and journalism from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Mich. and is studying online for accounting certificates in bookkeeping and tax preparation.


Samantha Wolfe – Writer


Samantha is a student at Front Range who is currently working on getting her Associates in English. She is passionate about writing, music, and film, and hopes to one day write movies professionally. When she isn’t writing, she can be found taking care of her black lab, Sasha, or playing video games. She hopes to gain experience in journalism and writing as a member of the staff.


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