Old Staff Members

This is a list of every staff member who has worked for the online version of The Front Page student newspaper. Please note that, before Darby Holman, no staff had had a Gravatar profile, hence the generic description for each profile for the staff who were employed before Holman. Click on each profile with a hyperlink to see all of their posts, or use the search bar below to see their entire output with The Front Page. You can also use the search bar on the side of the website. The two search bars are the same and will provide the same results.

Managing Editors

Copy Editors



Content Creators


  • Aaron Leff: August 2023 – present
  • Amy Mann: August 2023 – present
  • Emma Vallejos: August 2023 – present
  • Timothy Mellon: May 2023 -August 2023
  • Jonathan Montgomery: Fall 2017 – May 2023