Other Positions

What are we looking for?

The Front Page wants FRCC students who are interested in creating any kind of content for the student newspaper. As a student newspaper, our focus is on the written articles that are published here on our website, and we’re always looking to hire writers to create more of that type of content. But we’re also looking to expand our scope, and publish more content on social media. That could be videos, comics, or any other type of content you want to create. Really, we want to hire anyone who can create any type of content that would be valuable and/or interesting to FRCC’s student body.


The only fixed time you need to show up for is our weekly meeting, which we do every Thursday (while classes are in session) from 11:00AM-12:00PM in the Student Organization Center, across the hall from the Student Life office. In some cases, an employee may attend the meeting virtually, but it is expected that employees be able to appear on-campus most of the time. Of course, when there are extenuating circumstances, we understand that an employee may not be able to attend at all, but we do ask that you keep us informed about any projects you’re working on through other means.

Work-study only:

Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget for non-work-study employees. As a result, we are reliant on the federal work-study program to pay our employees. Luckily, most students are eligible for work-study, and if you’ve filled out your FAFSA form, you might already be approved! Contact Jennifer Cummins (Jennifer.Cummins@frontrange.edu) for more information about work-study.

Hours, & Pay

Other than our weekly meeting, you can put in your hours at any time you’d like. If you feel most productive at 1:00AM, that’s just fine by us. You can work a maximum of 20 hours per week, and you’ll make $16.00 per hour. Timesheets will be turned in through eWOLF every other Friday. You will be paid bi-weekly, and you’ll get your first paycheck the day you put in your second timesheet.

How to apply:

Use the button below to visit the NEOGOV website, click on the green “APPLY” button, and follow the instructions on that page in order to apply.