Club for Student Musicians is in Perfect Tune

Written by Jeramey Reamer An acoustic crescendo echoed down the hallways as the Guitar and Performance Club began strumming. This group of musicians play their instruments and sing while networking with other enthusiasts. Front Range students Chris Gonzales, Madison Drake and Nick Chiovitti took center stage as the leaders of the organization. After a brief... Continue Reading →

Career Insight

Written by Anthony Arellano As the students at Front Range Community College walk through the halls, they may wonder if they have chosen the right major for themselves. The funny thing is, often the professors are working in their dream career. This can be said for FRCC art professor, Heidi Strang. A question any student... Continue Reading →

The Pantry

Written by Gabriella Jade Need food for the week, but rent is coming up soon? Struggling with what option to choose? There is a way to have both. The Pantry is a food pantry available to all Front Range Community College Westminster students. The Pantry, which opened in February 2016, is managed by Jessica Jurgella,... Continue Reading →

Electives: Creating a Well-Rounded Student

By Jacob Hallberg Each day continues to pass and the knowledge base of the summer semester students grows. Their minds filled with new information and ways to help shape them into a better, more rounded employee or individual of society. However, often times many of the classes we take as undergraduates don’t directly relate towards... Continue Reading →

Important Fall Dates and Deadlines

By Jacob Hallberg The summer semester is nearing its end and students are scrambling to finish up the last assignments and tests. Often times, students can feel overwhelmed with the many different deadlines that come with a new school semester. With so many upcoming, these final weeks can become a blur. The New Student Orientation... Continue Reading →

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