FRCC’s Newest Award Winning Program

Front Range Community College has an award winning program housed on campus that you may not have heard of, the Gateway to College program. At the end of June, PJ Travin, the Assistant Director of the Gateway to College Program, and Andy Dorsey, the President of FRCC, traveled to Minneapolis, MN to accept the award.... Continue Reading →

A Message of Acceptance and Tolerance

Written by Alex Liethen Photos courtesy of The Denver Post The 14th Dalai Lama visited Boulder on Thursday, marking his first visit to the state since 1997 and given his age, 81, potentially his last. Along with many others in attendance, it has been a dream of mine to attend a teaching of his for... Continue Reading →

Farewell to FRCC

A year and a half ago, when I applied to Front Range Community College, I had not idea that I would walk away from the institution with an Associate of Arts degree, a job as the editor of The Front Page and a lifetime of memories. I remember attending orientation and registering for classes. My... Continue Reading →

Fabian Sanchez: Rising Star

Aspiring students often find themselves unrewarded for their pursuits of greatness in education. The State Student Advisory Council (SSAC) created a system to reward students who have gone above and beyond in school and performed extraordinarily. The Rising Star Award is given to students who exhibit high levels of leadership and student involvement. Fabian Sanchez,... Continue Reading →

College Student Must Read: Cash Your Investment

Everyone needs advice from time to time, especially college students. As spring commencement approaches, many Front Range Community College students are preparing to transfer to four-year universities. The goal in doing so is to earn degree to eventually land a dream job. However, the road to that job is far from straight and narrow.  In... Continue Reading →

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