L’atelier: Restaurant Review

By Wyatt Keller Fancy restaurants to take a date to can be hit or miss, but with L’atelier you can never miss. L’atelier is a French dining-style restaurant on Pearl Street in the fine dining Boulder area mainly considered as a special occasion restaurant due to the prices. When taking a date out for an anniversary or a... Continue Reading →

Halfway Hot Dogs

By Madison Otten July can be a difficult month for students. The weather is blazing hot to the point where ice cream will melt on contact with the sunlight. More importantly, it’s also the middle point of the summer semester. This can be very difficult for students; the end is in sight but still so... Continue Reading →

Snow Cone Social

By Madison Otten What’s the best way to kick off a new semester? Students were able to partake in free snow cones during the school day courtesy of Student Life. Anybody who walked by the Student Center was welcome to have one before returning to classes. The summer semester can be a busy and hectic... Continue Reading →

Setting Long-Term College Goals

Many students do not know where they’re headed in college, instead attending courses almost at random as they “figure it out.” However, this can be both time-consuming and expensive. Even worse, it can lead to graduating with a degree that has little to nothing to do with your passions and interests. But there is something you can do about it.

Sherpa House: Restaurant Review

By Shelby R. Cardamone We all know it can be difficult to find something for everyone, whether you’re going out with your family, friends or adjourning for a business meeting. Adorned with many five-star reviews on Yelp, Sherpa House cannot go unnoticed. If you live in Golden, you’ve definitely heard about it from multiple people,... Continue Reading →

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