Sherpa House: Restaurant Review

By Shelby R. Cardamone We all know it can be difficult to find something for everyone, whether you’re going out with your family, friends or adjourning for a business meeting. Adorned with many five-star reviews on Yelp, Sherpa House cannot go unnoticed. If you live in Golden, you’ve definitely heard about it from multiple people,... Continue Reading →

Front Range Community College staff and faculty volunteer their time to beautify the campus by planting flowers at the campus in Westminster, Colo on June 26, 2018. Photos by Ezra Ekman.

Wasted Food Event

On April 29, the Rocky Mountain Room once again hosted students from all walks of life as they learned about the hard truths in the food industry. Some of the students who attended this event also participated in the Hunger Banquet and Photovoice exhibition.


FRCC is all about community and fun. The institution holds events showcasing such ideals for the students. Most events give out free food and have a fun activity. This particular event featured something that most people would attribute to the world famous Instagram app: a Polaroid camera.

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