Submit an Article to The Front Page

Before You Send it…

The Front Page has a set of editorial policies that you need to follow in order for us to publish your article.

  • The Front Page does not publish articles anonymously. All articles must have an author’s name attached to be published.

  • The Front Page exists to represent FRCC students. As a result, we only publish articles written by current or former FRCC students. If you’re a staff member or other member of the FRCC community and you want people to know about something, you can send us a tip for a story.

  • The Front Page does not publish articles which single out or attack an individual student or staff member. If you have an issue with an instructor or student, please take it up with the administration. Critiques of the administration may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the contents of the article.

  • Articles submitted to The Front Page must be relevant to the student body of FRCC.

  • The Front Page does not publish articles whose content the staff considers to be morally abhorrent. Examples include, but are not limited to: praising abhorrent dictators (Hitler, Stalin, ect.), denying genocide, advocating for genocide, race realism, and hate speech.

  • The Front Page retains the editorial right to modify submitted articles for grammar and AP style, and is not obligated to accept all submissions that meet the above criteria.

If you’re uncertain as to whether or not your article meets these standards, or you would like us to make an exception for an article that is of particular interest to students, feel free to contact The Front Page.

How to send it

Once you’re ready, and you know your article isn’t violating any of our editorial policies, send the article to us via our email,

Feel free to send your article as a Word document, or send us a link to a document in Google Drive, or whatever other method you prefer. As long as we can read it, and copy it onto our website, it should work just fine.