About Us

Mission Statement

With headquarters in the Student Organization Center at the Westminster campus of Front Range Community College, The Front Page is dedicated to representing the college’s unique mix of students. The paper prides itself on diversity, in terms of stories covered, interviews conducted, and viewpoints represented.

The Front Page delivers relevant news to 21st Century readers. In January of 2016, The Front Page transitioned from print to online, making stories more applicable and accessible to its audience- while simultaneously saving the college around $1000 / month in printing costs. But I’m sure that had nothing to do with that decision, and Seth is definitely not bitter about it.

As Front Range Community College’s only newspaper, The Front Page writers constantly dig for stories that apply to readers. The paper wants more than to entice student readers; it strives to involve them in the news. It’s not “here’s the story,” but rather, “here’s how this story affects Front Range Community College.”

The Front Page is Front Range Community College’s Student Voice.


The Front Page was created in 1989, merging together the staff newsletter, Up Front with the student newspaper, The Solar Times, which itself was created in 1976.

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