Taste of College

By Drew Lascot Fresh food and live music usually aren’t the kinds of things one would expect to find waiting in the FRCC Westminster parking lot, unless, of course, you happened to read one of the many of flyers posted around campus advertising the Taste of College: a festival full of games, activities, prizes, and... Continue Reading →

Bringing the Weird and Dead to Life

by Madison Otten Bust out your monster hunting kits, this October FRCC is going to be home to some of the most thrilling and chilling authors, who are coming to share their Tales From the Crypt! On Thursday, Oct. 18, Bringing Weird and Dead Back to Life: Paranormal Author Panel will be held in the... Continue Reading →

Student Leadership Conference

Written by Madison Otten On Friday, Sept. 14, the Rocky Mountain Room was home to a crowd of students, FRCC faculty, staff, and special guest speakers. The National Society of Leadership and Success, TRIO, Career Success Center, Advising, and Student Life helped create and host the first-ever Student Leadership Conference. Presenters touched on different aspects... Continue Reading →

The Predator Review

Hollywood continues to make a lot of movies that people recognize; whether it’s sequels, reboots, or prequels. This trend continues with Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, The Predator.  

College Success: How to Avoid Study Burnout

By Ezra Ekman We’ve all been there. Midterms are around the corner, you’re cramming instead of sleeping, and you’re surviving on caffeine and junk food. You aren’t sure what to expect from the exam, so you’re doing your best to memorize the textbook until the moment before the test. But guess what? Cramming doesn’t work.... Continue Reading →

Resume and Cover Letter Lab

By Madison Otten A good resume can make or break your chances for an interview, and the pressure can be overwhelming for students who already have enough on their plate, especially during the fall semester.   The college has a remedy for that. Every Tuesday from 2 to 4 p.m. during the Summer Semester, you... Continue Reading →

Leadership Conference at FRCC

  On Friday September 14, Student Affairs staff and faculty will be hosting the Leadership Conference. There will be a drawing going on where attendants will get the opportunity to win gift cards, a laptop, a three credit scholarship, and more. The event will introduce students to the concept of leadership and expound upon it... Continue Reading →


Students, educators, and presenters assemble to learn teaching and learning techniques at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo on August 1, 2018. Photos by Ezra Ekman.

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