Graphic Design Veteran Janine Musser

Written by Anthony Arellano Janine Musser has been through it all, from snagging a jewelry design job straight out of high school to working at an international ad agency. Musser is a multimedia professor here at Front Range Community College. The courses taught by her are printing, graphic design, typography and intro to production. Musser... Continue Reading →

Written by Jeramey Before recognizing the mental haze that engulfed him, the traveler found himself in an unfamiliar world. The suspenseful Edgar Allen Poe describes in “A Tale of the Ragged Mountains” how the mind can drift through a dream to awaken in a distant land. Meanwhile, a dark horseman is seen galloping through the... Continue Reading →

Honoring the Legacy of Dori Benavides

Written by Jeramey Reamer The Front Range family is remembering one of its most prominent members who passed away earlier this month. Dori Benavides‘ role serving as the Director of Front Range Community College’s Brighton Center was marked by countless achievements. Among these many accomplishments was her ability to brighten the day of everyone she... Continue Reading →

Instructor Reading by Sabrina Robinson

  Donned in glittering gold leggings and a bird mask, Professor Jonathan Montgomery took the stage - which was littered with toy birds - on April 26 to kick off the third annual Instructor Reading. Professor Montgomery normally teaches English composition at Front Range Community College, but as he started his introductory poem, he and... Continue Reading →

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