Instructor Reading by Sabrina Robinson

  Donned in glittering gold leggings and a bird mask, Professor Jonathan Montgomery took the stage - which was littered with toy birds - on April 26 to kick off the third annual Instructor Reading. Professor Montgomery normally teaches English composition at Front Range Community College, but as he started his introductory poem, he and... Continue Reading →


Howl Release Party By Sabrina Robinson

Werewolves, death and corruption. These were just a few of the topics addressed on April 20th at the release party for the fourth volume of Howl, the literary magazine at Front Range Community College. Located in the newly renovated Performing Arts Gallery, the release party for the literary magazine was a personal, yet gripping event.... Continue Reading →

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures By Quill Skidmore Hidden Figures is a film about Katharine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, the black women in the NASA program that got the first American in space. I went to see it this past week and thought that it was an amazing work of art. The dedication of these... Continue Reading →

Credit for Prior Learning and Non-Traditional Students

Written By: Alex Liethen Many students on community college campuses are considered non-traditional students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), “traditional enrollment in post-secondary education is defined as enrolling immediately after high school and attending full time” while a non-traditional student is anyone who falls outside this demographic; “therefore, students who delayed... Continue Reading →

Autumn Adventures in Colorful Colorado

Written By: Diana-Mari Rossell-Eddy Photos By: Diana-Mari Rossell-Eddy Falling leaves and pumpkin spice means Autumn is finally here! You and your family can kick-off this Fall season by visiting some of these local, family-friendly events: Cottonwood Farms, located at 1535 North 75th Street in Boulder, is a rather quaint little farm tucked into the countryside.... Continue Reading →

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