Welcome to the Spring Semester!

Written by Jeramey Reamer

A brand-new semester is in full swing.  Despite the snowstorms, students and staff have overcome the cold to begin a new learning experience at Front Range Community College.  

During a long break, it can sometimes be difficult to remain motivated.  The holidays are over, daylight does not last very long and maintaining a productive pace can be challenging.  Yet, these were no obstacle to many of the students at FRCC.  Just check out some of these amazing stories:

Jesse Sandoval teamed up with a friend and embarked on a new recording project. As a seasoned song-writer, Sandoval was in a unique opportunity to share his insight with a younger artist.  He described his experiences collaborating to produce songs:


“This was an excellent exercise in trying to make the musician comfortable so I could get the best performance out of them.”






Meanwhile, Arsalaan Beg was overcoming a bit of stage fright and putting himself in the spotlight as he sang to a large group.  Despite the nervous tension of being solo, the motivated vocalist stepped forth to put his talent on display.Beg


“I found the confidence through choosing to pursue my passion for singing despite the fear,” said Beg.


In addition to exercising their creative skills, students have been developing their inner lives through situations they had not planned on.  


One afternoon during the break, Chris Gonzales was leaving his apartment when he caught a tragic glimpse under the stairs.  Curled into a helpless corner was an injured rabbit…a baby bunny. It was cold and frightened, alone and desperate.  Struggling to stay alive, the young rabbit was nearly robbed of a full life.


But Chris knew exactly what action he needed to take!  Grabbing a box and a warm blanket, he slowly began to revive the poor creature by feeding it and keeping it warm.  With a little bit of loving radiance from the whole family, the bunny was soon hopping around full of vitality.


“I hope this can inspire more people to not look the other way, especially when a life is on the line,” said Gonzales.  

Feeling satisfied with his efforts to nurture the animal, Gonzales reflected on the rabbit’s impact.

“It feels good to know that all life has meaning….even a baby bunny.”

As students start a fresh college semester, these experiences can guide their academic growth.  Through collaboration and walking boldly into what may seem intimidating, great rewards can come from unexpected circumstances.  


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