FRCC’s Writing Club’s Open Mic


Written by Jeramey Reamer

A colorful spread of snacks and cakes lured people into the room. Each footstep went deeper into the dark, jazz-soaked Recital Hall. A lone spotlight shone center stage. The lights faded, and the room fell silent.

Tonight’s event had been organized by a collective of writers at Front Range Community College. These students have chosen to demonstrate their enthusiasm for writing, and through this open-reading setting, everyone’s favorite authors were read aloud for the audience to enjoy.

The event started off with an opening poem followed by the featured readers. Listeners were led through a wide variety of texts from the club’s members. Sticky dinosaur tongues wrapped the children in Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, while the guilt of murder consumed Edgar Allen Poe in his classic Tell-Tale Heart. From suspense to laughs, the crowd was fragranced with short stories, which were told through the skillful reading of each performer.

Following a brief intermission (and more fruit from the snack table), the second half of the show was open to students and all community members to share their own work. Performers read aloud from books, papers, even iPhones. Each person also shared poems or stories they had been working on. The supportive mood of the room made those who may be uncomfortable at first feel welcomed and appreciative.

One of the founding members, Gabriel Krush, described the club’s motivation for holding an Open Mic event.

“Our club strives to create an accessible environment for people to share their work,” said Krush.

Students who are interested in writing are encouraged to investigate the club for themselves.  Each Friday, at noon, the Creative Writing Club meets in the Student Organization Center large conference room. Circling the large desk, members read one another’s works, offer critique and guidance, while encouraging one another to become better writers. New visitors are always welcome to bring in their own pieces to share.

In addition to weekly meetings, the club also intends to hold in-depth writing workshops. During these extended events, the group will dive deeply into larger pieces and more ambitious projects. Those looking to further polish their work will benefit from these intensive meetings.

As for the future, the Writing Club is showing no signs of slowing down.  

“We are planning more events,” said Jackson Finiol, the club’s president. “We would like to have this Open Mic on a regular basis.”

Be sure to stay tuned into the Front Page for more updates about the Creative Writing Club’s future events.

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