Club for Student Musicians is in Perfect Tune

Written by Jeramey Reamer

An acoustic crescendo echoed down the hallways as the Guitar and Performance Club began strumming. This group of musicians play their instruments and sing while networking with other enthusiasts.

Front Range students Chris Gonzales, Madison Drake and Nick Chiovitti took center stage as the leaders of the organization. After a brief meet and greet, Gonzales opened the floor to students who were interested in performing in an open-mic style setting.  

Following a brief jam session including songs from The Beatles, Foo Fighters and Nirvana, chords were chiming and the guitar solos were shredding with enthusiasm. Yet, the club incorporates so much more than just rock n’ roll.

Guitar Club

Members of FRCC’s Performance club, left to right: Greg Lelle, Brian Satary

Photo taken by Jeramey Reamer

“All are welcome,” said Drake, one of the club’s student coordinators, “We have classical players, blues, rock and metal, while I play bluegrass.”  

This unique environment allows all musicians of various skill levels and interests to share their talents in a supportive environment.  

“We love playing with everyone,” said Drake, “Chris, Nick and myself will be able to pair one on one with students to go through the songs they want to learn.”  

The Guitar and Performance Club is now in its second semester and is under the guidance of Dr. Kevin Garry, the director of music at the FRCC Westminster campus. Garry’s dedication to the club and its students is apparent.

“I am always available, and will always be at the first part of the meetings for assistance,” said Garry.  

With this unwavering level of commitment from both FRCC faculty and the student leaders, it is no surprise that there was such a successful turnout for the first meeting.  

When asked about the direction that the group is headed, Garry showcased his passion to the development of well-rounded musicians.

“Let’s look at different styles,” said Garry. “I would like to see this group growing in it’s diversity. Let’s try to broaden our exposure to different types of music.”

It is from this foundation of exploring new musical genres that artistic growth truly flourishes.

The Guitar and Performance Club is ideal for students who are looking to learn the rudiments of playing music.  Not solely for beginners, the two-hour sessions are perfect for the more experienced players who want to grow creatively through live performance.  By affording its members the opportunity to step into the spotlight, each musician can develop critical skills such as stage presence and improvisation in front of a supportive audience of like-minded individuals.

If any student would like to join the group or become more involved in the campus arts scene, all are welcome to join on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from noon to 2 p.m. in the campus recital room, C-1661.  

Until next session of the Guitar and Performance Club, keep on strumming!

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