Sweating Out the Fall Semester


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Written by Jeramey Reamer


Now that classes are in full swing, the increasing workload can leave many students feeling overwhelmed. Papers due by midnight, group projects with absent members, and piles of information dumped on you often leads to feeling flustered. However, Front Range Community College offers one of the most effective methods for overcoming unnecessary anxiety. The best part is that every student has access to this proven form of stress management: The High Plains Fitness Center.

Located on the second floor of campus (B-0509) is a full facility of exercise equipment that can help make this your most successful semester yet.

Students may ask themselves, “What does the gym have to do with studying?” Well, it turns out that when a person lifts weights or walks the stairs, they’re doing so much more than just making their body strong. They are supercharging their mind! According to Harvard’s Health Letter, a well-being and fitness publication, studies suggest that moderate exercise several times a week can drastically improve the brain’s ability to focus. The prefrontal cortex, one of the areas of the brain that controls critical thinking and memory, is both stimulated and strengthened through regular exercise.



Don’t have time for a marathon?  Too busy to workout?  Using the fitness center should not be a chore. As little as twenty minutes a day of brisk walking, stretching on the mats, or dribbling the basketball is all it takes to jump start the brain to its full potential. While speaking with Hayase Yoshizumi, the Fitness Center coordinator, it beca



me clear that High Plains has the tools to make every student’s experience a positive one. “We have information on exercises, nutrition plans, and stretches for anybody who is just starting out to refer to and get new ideas.” With this level of commitment from Hayase and the rest of the High Plains staff, students can achieve both their fitness and educational goals.  

In addition to providing its students with the resources necessary to sculpt their bodies and minds, the High Plains Fitness Center offers a holistic approach to staying healthy. Each Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to noon, a guided mindfulness meditation is offered. By taking a break from the pressures of “doing,” meditation allows attendees to return to a relaxing state where the stressors of the day are not resonant.

Be sure to grab your Wolf Card and a pair of clean socks each time you come to campus. The High Plains Fitness Center is open from Monday to Thursday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Fridays  7 a.m. to 3 p.m.  FRCC Students have full access to the facilities included in their tuition, while staff and faculty will be charged $30 each semester.  


A little bit of sweat goes a long way to help maintain a healthy body and sharp mind. Now hit the showers!

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