Ingrid Goes West Review

Written by Anthony Arellano

Aubrey Plaza’s groundbreaking performance, the humor, the mystery, and the thrill are all of the puzzle pieces that would make Ingrid Goes West a modern day classic film.

Ingrid Goes West roasts Los Angeles perfectly. As well as any other young person using social media. These gags include 1,000 pictures taken for only one to be posted, food that tastes disgusting but works great for an Instagram post, restaurants with a gimmick, fake friendships and false personalities looking for acceptance.

This film tells the story of Ingrid Thorburn moving to Los Angeles to attempt to become friends with an Instagram Star. Along the journey of befriending the star, things take a dark turn.

Aubrey Plaza plays the main character Ingrid Thorburn, one of the most believable, enticing and confusing characters she has played thus far, a modern woman in her twenties with internet access and a strong desire to be liked. Plaza is most known for her role in Parks & Recreation as April Ludgate. Plaza gifts the audience with a 10/10 performance. It is unbelieveable how funny and convincing she is throughout the entire film. The way Plaza flips the switch on her personality is Oscar-worthy, truly an incredible performance.

Taylor Sloane, played by Elizabeth Olsen, is your typical LA Instagram celebrity. Avocado toast, hashtags, selfies, you name it. As soon as the audience is introduced to Taylor many would instantly recognise her type.

O’Shea Jackson Jr plays the role of number one wing man as Dan Pinto and provides the viewers with laughs and love as Ingrid’s sidekick.

The film provides an honest look into the lives of people who want acceptance online all the while, laughs are bursting, and heads are shaking. As the audience watches Ingrid throughout the movie, they’re shocked at just how crazy she is. At the same time, most millennials are guilty of doing at least one of the “crazy” things she does in this film.

Influencers influence, it’s all in the name. People buy the clothes celebrities wear and even emulate them down to their personality. This doesn’t seem to be questioned in society, but, Ingrid Goes West takes the blinders off and exaggerates it a bit to showcase just how weird it really is. Laugh at Ingrid’s weirdness and see how quick it can get dark when trying to be accepted goes too far.

Ingrid Goes West is a perfect movie for college students because of the message it tells without being to preachy. Be yourself, especially in today’s age of social media. Ingrid loses herself on her quest to become accepted and the audience watches as she goes down a dark road. The most relatable moment of the movie comes near the end; no spoilers, but any millennial will agree. Ingrid, as well as the audience, feels a lighter touch come into the film when witnessing what being yourself can do.

If someone is looking for a truly hilarious, thrilling, mysterious and relatable film, they could do themselves a favor by experiencing Ingrid Goes West. This film is great for both young adults and parents. Parents will be able to see a glimpse into their child’s online life and the younger generation will be amazed at how spot-on the movie is. This is modern cinema, don’t miss out. The film is out in select theaters now. Front Range Community College students will be able to get discounted tickets in Student Life.

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