Written by Gabriella Jade

Ready for the fall semester and already signed up for classes, but, unsure of when classes start?

For students, the fall semester starts off with a bang with New Student Orientation on Aug. 16. The schedule for back-to-school activities does not stop until the tuition payment deadline on Aug. 30.

If more information or news is needed, there are many ways to find out all of the information required for clubs, events and other important deadlines for the school semester. Knowing the dates (e.g. refund deadlines, drop dates, etc.) can help one stay on top of things, allowing for a successful semester and lowering the possibility of stress and last-minute scrambling.

The school website is one way to find out information. Just type “academic calendar,” or any other questions, into the search bar at http://www.frontrange.edu, and voila, the information is at one’s fingertips. Campus news can also be found in eWolf under announcements and important dates.

The Stall Street Journal, located throughout FRCC’s bathroom stalls, is another great source of information on important dates and events going on throughout the campus.

The Front Page newspaper also has a variety of information on dates and events taking place – or that took place – around campus, as it reports important campus news for students, while also providing entertainment to readers.

There are a lot of ways to get information about what’s happening around campus. Staying informed can help lessen stress and make things a little easier as the new school year begins.


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