New FRCC Dean

Written by Anthony Arellano

frcc dean

In a conversation with the new Front Range Community College Dean of Instruction, Francois Jacobs, he discussed the upcoming campus improvements, advice for new students and his excitement for the upcoming 2017-2018 fall semester.

Jacobs’ major focus for the upcoming semester includes hiring additional student advisors and developing the Business, Information Systems and Technology (BISIT) program, as well as the English/composition department.

The work has already begun on these improvements with the addition of a new department chair to the BISIT program and the English department. In addition, Jacobs has hired 14 new student advisors.

“I’m focused on improving what the college does well,” said Jacobs. “I don’t want to change any programs and shift the direction. I think the college does many things well, and I want to help it do those things better.”

The changes may generate improvements in the areas and provide a better overall experience for the students and faculty.

When asked about what excites him the most for the upcoming semester, Jacobs said, “I’m most excited about learning the functionality of the college and getting to know the faculty members.”

Kayla Martinez, FLAC / schedule data specialist, said, “[Jacobs] is really friendly. He’s very understanding and helpful. He’s open to new ideas and wants to help improve the school.”

Educating FRCC students in a supportive way is important to Jacobs, and he shared his advice for how students can be successful.

“Deep down, we all have dreams; you have dreams, as well as I,” said Jacobs. “In college, it is easy to lose focus on those dreams because of a class you feel doesn’t matter. Even if a class may seem to not matter, it is pushing you forward towards your dream. Stay focused, and don’t lose the dream.”


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