Album Review: Toro y Moi’s BooBoo

Written by Anthony Arellano

Recording artist Toro y Moi, best known for his hit singles “So Many Details,” “Blessa” and “Still Sound,” is back with a new record. The new 12 track album, titled Boo Boo, explores Toro y Moi’s feelings and thoughts after his divorce and his struggle with fame.

The first three tracks, “Mirage,” “No Show” and “Mona Lisa,” could be classified as pop music with their catchy hooks and overall accessibility. New fans would be able to dive right into these tracks and have a good time listening.

“Pavement,” “Don’t Try” and “Windows” take the album in a darker direction. “Pavement” is an ambient song with few words and a heavy piano instrumental underneath. Listeners may get a feeling of emptiness with this song as it feels spread out with the long breaks between lyrics and the tempo instrumental. “Don’t Try” and “Windows,” have a lighter sound, but the listener is still able to hear Toro y Moi’s emotional hardships.


Toro y Moi, BooBoo, Carpark Records, 2017

Track seven, “Embarcadero,” is an instrumental track that serves as an interlude into a new phase of the album.

“Girl Like You” and “You and I” are the singles from this album which both have their own music videos. “Girl Like You” brings a lot of light to the album and takes listeners out of the emotional feelings the last four songs might have put them in. The lyrics for “Girl Like You” such as “what’s it gonna take for a guy like me to find a girl like you” still deal with Toro y Moi’s break up, so the album doesn’t take a complete 180. “You and I” is a slightly ambient song that also deals with his break up in a calm manner.

The last three tracks on Boo Boo offer a piece of all the songs that came before it in the tracklist. “Labyrinth” is similar to “You and I,” as it’s very self-reflective and calm. “Inside My Head” takes us back to the beginning of the album with it being very upbeat and catchy. “W.I.W.W.T.W.” is the last track on the album, and it’s a mix of the more uptempo songs and the self-reflective songs in the album.

Overall, Boo Boo offers listeners a vacation from the music that they’re used to hearing on the radio. Toro y Moi has always been an unpredictable artist with music that sounds like nobody else’s and this album is no exception. Listeners can expect to hear a new style of music that isn’t being played in the mainstream right now. Toro y Moi creates a new style by mixing elements from hip-hop, ambient tones and 80’s Japanese pop into one unique sound for this record.  Emotions will go low as well as high within the journey of experiencing this album.
For any curious new listeners, “Inside My Head,” “Girl Like You” and “Mirage” would be great songs to start with to get a feel for the album. Boo Boo is perfect for anyone who wants to listen to a new type of sound they aren’t used to hearing. It’s also great for any student who wants a new album to discuss with their friends.

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