Don’t Miss Family Math Night on April 15

Mathematics, otherwise known as a culmination of numbers and variables, is dreaded by many students. Bogged down methods of education, doubled with uninterested students, creates a negative environment for practicing math. An abysmal subject for most, the prospect of math class can hinder aspiring students.

The logic behind math becomes quite complex, but the essence of math denotes simple laws and rules to follow. With repetition claiming large portions of math proficiency, students need to enjoy and pay attention to the information taught in math class.

Joseph Brenkert, an eighth-year mathematics professor at Front Range Community College, aims to change the way students view math by encouraging fun methods of math participation. The Family Math Game Night on Friday, April 15, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., inspires fun learning techniques for children and parents. Located in the Rocky Mountain Room, children around the community will gather to play fun math games. Plus, food and prizes will be available to attendees.

IMG_5805.PNGAccording to Brenkert, “Opening the eyes of the the next generation for acceptance of math,” remains one of the main goals for the Family Math Game Night. This night will attempt to revitalize parent and child math involvement, while also mathematically stimulating children.

Children often do not see the future application of math skills, and this night will attempt “to ease or calm that math anxiety that we have culturally built up,” stated Brenkert. This night is not about winning, but learning new, fun methodology to practice mathematics.

Stop by and enjoy the casual, fun-filled environment. Brenkert noted, “We are just looking for people to come and have a good time.”

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Photo by Kayla Klein

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