College Student Must Read: Cash Your Investment

Everyone needs advice from time to time, especially college students. As spring commencement approaches, many Front Range Community College students are preparing to transfer to four-year universities. The goal in doing so is to earn degree to eventually land a dream job. However, the road to that job is far from straight and narrow.  In his new book, Cash Your Investment: How to Leverage Your College Degree Into Your First Job, Author Scott A. Eberwein seeks to impart critical knowledge to any college educated person who will soon become a job seeker.


Cash Your Investment offers many tips for capitalizing on a college degree that are not taught in class. For example, there is seldom a class in which résumé writing tips are offered, and few classes teach art and importance of networking. Many students are not aware of the resources that campus career services offer. No classes offer personal mentors.

The reality of the job hunt is a brutal one. If one thinks he can simply get a degree and walk into a high level job, he is mistaken. It is not 1970, and it does not matter what field your degree is in. The best jobs are guarded with the utmost secrecy and kept under lock and key. The best of the best start their job hunts early in their senior year of college, all of which Eberwein emphasizes.

Think of the job hunt metaphorically. Your dream job is hidden away in a large castle. You can pound on that front gate until you die, but you will not get in. However, Eberwein offers the tools necessary to attack the castle from the rear door, a much less guarded area of the castle. If you utilize a mentor, write a proper résumé, network determinedly and take advantage of career services, you can break down the castle’s rear door.

Cash Your Investment offers critical information for college seniors and job seekers to be successful at the job hunt. Eberwien emphasizes the importance of known and unknown aspects of the searching for a career. This information is so critical that it should be part of the regular curriculum at most colleges. If one follows Eberwein’s sound advice, he just might land that dream job and conquer the castle of the job hunt.

Written by Christopher Kemp

Photo provided by Scott A. Eberwein

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