Tasting Cuban Flavors at FRCC

Front Range Community College’s “Taste of the World” events allow you to take a quick trip to a far-flung locale in-between your chemistry and English composition classes.


Starting last semester, Student Life began hosting the Taste of the World events in partnership with the English Language School (ELS). According to Heather Garner, the Conference Services Coordinator at FRCC, “We have tried to create an opportunity for FRCC students to meet ELS students while attending a fun and unique themed event with speakers, food, and small group discussion time.”

In October students tasted flavors of England and listened to a speaker from England. On Feb. 18, students relished in zesty Cuban flavors while celebrating the recent allowance of U.S. citizens to travel there.

“We chose Cuba because of the recent lifting of the travel embargo between U.S. and Cuba, allowing U.S. citizens to travel there for the first time in 50 years.  The speaker for this event is one of our Student Life student workers [Madison] who traveled to Cuba over Christmas and brought back a wealth of first-hand knowledge,” Garner said.

The smell of traditional Cuban cuisine filled the room and wafted through the halls of the building. There was an array of sandwiches (both meat and veggie options), coleslaw, banana chips, flan and drinks. The Cuban flag adorned the walls and table settings.

Madison (Mady) Houston, an FRCC student, facilitated a presentation at the event. She travelled to Cuba for Christmas 2015 and shared stories and photos of her journey with the attendees.

After the presentation, there was a short question and answer session. Then, students engaged in discussion with their table-mates, using pre-determined questions about FRCC, travel and Cuba.

Taste of the World events are also designed for ELS students to practice English. The tables were arranged so that two native English speakers would share a meal with two ELS students, which added to the festive, international vibe to the room.

Taste of the World events occur at FRCC every semester and they are easy to attend. “Participation is as easy as signing up. Due to the nature of these Taste of the World events, space is limited to 10 FRCC and 10 ELS students,” Garner said.

Taste of the World is a great way to meet like-minded FRCC students, learn about foreign countries, help people practice their English and enjoy a free lunch.

“We will be having the next TASTE OF THE WORLD event during the summer semester so please be sure to watch for more info in the Stall Street Journal,” Garner said.

Buen provecho!

Written by Alex Liethen

Photo by Alex Liethen

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