Bike MS to Raise Money for Multiple Sclerosis at FRCC in June

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease which attacks the protective myelin that covers nerve fibers. When these fibers deteriorate your brain and body have a hard time communicating with each other. Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50. Women have over a double likelihood of being diagnosed. Furthermore, Colorado has a higher than average rate of MS, making this disease more prevalent than ever within our society.

Thankfully, the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter from National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society’s annual fundraising ride occurs June 25 through June 26. This event takes place at our Front Range Community College-Westminster Campus. The registration fee is 79 dollars, and part of the money helps support 380 National MS Society research projects worldwide, eleven of which are located here in Colorado.

Participants also receive, a custom T-shirt, catered meals, rest stops, route support, and entertainment.

The cause of MS is unknown and funds generated through the bike race may fund scientists researching the cause. Although there is no cure, treatments can help manage the disease and its symptoms. With over 2.3 million affected worldwide, the annual MS Bike race is a great way to help support your fellow mankind.

Brain matters in MS infographic

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Photo from Novartis Pharmaceuticals 

High Plains Fitness Center Camps Help Students Stay Active this Summer

It’s no secret that an overload of studies and busy schedules cause students to neglect the gym during the semester. To help students achieve their fitness goals this summer, the High Plains Fitness Center is offering a variety of camps designed to “raise [students’] confidence and discover new abilities,” said fitness center coordinator, Amber Kavehkar.


The fitness camps are not limited to students alone. Parents can register their kids for camps to run off their youthful energy, and so that parent-students can find time to focus on school or work.

Kavehkar designed the summer camps with the community in mind, as they are not limited to only Front Range Community College students. Kids can play, and adults can grow. Youth groups (ages 8 through 12) focus on fun activities such as crafts and yoga. Whereas adults (ages 17 and up) can play team sports like basketball or study weight lifting techniques.

The camps occur three times this summer: June 6 through 23, June 27 through 30 or July 11 through 28. Prices for the public start at just 140 dollars. Plus, all High Plains Fitness Center members receive a discount when registering for the summer camps. While the cost is a big issue for most students, the fees are used to help cover the costs of the gym equipment coming to the fitness center in the future.

Those interested in a fun-filled summer at FRCC can stop by the fitness center and ask for a camp registration form.

Written by Dylan Ferrara 

Photos provided by Dylan Ferrara

Fitness Center Coordinator Wants More Students to Attend ‘Fit Talks’

Every other Tuesday or Thursday this semester, Amber Kavehkar, the High Plains Fitness Center coordinator, will host a Fit Talk – an informative session teaching Front Range Community College students about health and fitness.

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Engineering Student Wins Hoops Contest

Sawyer Huffman, a Front Range Community College engineering student, sailed to victory over his competitors in the three-point shot contest at the High Plains Fitness Center on Jan. 26.

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My Experience Joining the High Plains Fitness Center

As a student at Front Range Community College, I pass the gymnasium every time I descend the stairs to the B-level. It’s rarely empty, often filled with the muffled noises of volleyball shoes squeaking on the court floor and basketballs hitting the backboards. The sounds of the gym are one with the college, and I have grown so accustomed to seeing the gym and hearing the noises that I overlooked just how those gym members got inside. Continue reading “My Experience Joining the High Plains Fitness Center”