Engineering Student Wins Hoops Contest

Sawyer Huffman, a Front Range Community College engineering student, sailed to victory over his competitors in the three-point shot contest at the High Plains Fitness Center on Jan. 26.

Huffman shooting hoops in the High Plains Fitness Center gymnasium.

Players in the three-point shot contest challenged each other to make as many 3-point shots as possible. The 3-point contest received support from the High Plains Fitness Center staff and coordinator, who overlooked this first-time event. Staff said events like this one bring the students together and enable playful competition supporting physical wellbeing.

“The event was competitive, but everyone had fun,” Huffman said. “It was about shooting hoops, not winning.”

Huffman, who played varsity level basketball in high school, said, “The [Fitness] Center is always a good place to go shoot hoops or work out in a noncompetitive environment.”

The High Plains Fitness Center is notorious among students for hosting noncompetitive events where students can enjoy casual physical activities rather than long, drawn-out competitions.

When asked if he would attend another event at the High Plains Fitness Center, Huffman said, “Yes, the [Fitness] center is a fun place to be.”

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Photo by Jacob Hallberg

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