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“We specialize in all types of stories.”

Every Friday, members of Front Range Community College’s Westminster campus writing club gather to share their work, critique their peers, and ultimately improve their writing abilities. Ryan Myong, the club’s new president, encourages all students to join the writing club to better their writing skills as the club has bettered his.


Although this is Myong’s first semester as the writing club’s president, he has been a member of the club for three. Myong, an English major, joined the writing club try to improve his craft. “I wanted to get started on my writing career as soon as possible,” Myong said.

A typical writing club meeting consists of roughly 15 minutes of writing about a given prompt, discussing ideas and updates, watching videos to improve writing techniques, and finally, sharing and critiquing pieces that others have written.

Myong, for one, noted obvious improvements in his poetry since joining the writing club. “When I first started, I had a lot of repetition in my poetry. When the members reviewed it, they noticed the repetition,” Myong said. Since then, he has successfully focused on decreasing the repetition in his poems.

Myong has published 114 poems to, which allows him to track his progress and observe changes in his works. In fact, publishing companies have recently contacted Myong about his works on the website, which further emphasizes the dramatic impact that the writing club has had on him.

“Critique, both positive and negative, is really helpful for students.” Readers on reaffirm Myong’s improvements with supportive comments on his uploads. Myong said he appreciates the feedback he receives at writing club meetings because they positively benefit his poems.

Although the writing club currently meets on Fridays from noon to 1:00pm, Myong said that he is more than willing to reschedule meetings and to work around new members’ schedules. He understands that writing is a significant skill that every student should be keen to improve.

Whether English majors or not, writing is a necessary skill for all students. Writing tasks appear on college applications, job applications, and in careers that people do not commonly associate with writing.

Myong perfectly explained its significance: “Writing is one of the greatest ways to communicate with others. Writing can influence people.”

If you are interested in joining the writing club, or you know someone who is, contact Ryan Myong at: or (303) 944-5142.

Written by Kayla Klein

Photo by Kayla Klein

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