Deadline to Apply for Graduation is March 15

Students planning to graduate from Front Range Community College this semester must apply for their degrees or certificates before March 15.


Many students consider the ceremony at the end of the semester to be “graduation,” however the ceremony, called “commencement,” is really a celebration of graduation. Students cannot be honored at commencement if they fail to apply by March 15.

Students who do not apply by March 15 will continue to earn credits, but they will not receive their degrees or certificates. These qualifications contribute to transfer acceptance and employment opportunities.

To apply for graduation, students must first complete the graduation application. This online form asks students for basic information such as name, address, degree information and transfer plans. The application takes roughly 10 minutes to complete.

After applying, students should monitor their CCCS inboxes for a confirmation email sent within two weeks of submitting an application. FRCC will also contact students via this email if there are any problems with the application.

The application deadline is less than a month away, so students should apply as soon as possible to ensure that their applications are processed successfully.

Written by Kayla Klein

Photo from Front Range Community College

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