Improving FRCC’s Network Stability

Front Range Community College is happy to announce wireless network improvements for all three campuses. Presently, the Wi-Fi is reaching peak bandwidth usage during popular times of day. For users, this means slower connection speeds and an overloaded network.


According to the Information Technology Services (ITS) at FRCC, technology is becoming more affordable and commonplace for everyday users. Students and faculty enter the building with multiple devices that automatically connect to the network, bogging down the system.

ITS is able to monitor students’ various types of Internet usage across all of the campuses. They discovered a higher percentage of bandwidth used for entertainment purposes, including streaming television, movies, music, and gaming. These uses tend to expend higher amounts of bandwidth in comparison to their educational counterparts.

ITS is tackling the problem head-on by introducing a new Internet Service Provider (ISP). Following a comprehensive search for a new ISP, FRCC Westminster replaced the current ISP with an improved ISP that will deliver 300 mbps in comparison to the 50 mbps currently provided. According to administrators, this will immensely improve on the overall speed and fluidity of the network.

Although no concrete timeline is in place, students can expect an observable improvement in the comprehensive Wi-Fi experience in the future. The bandwidth will provide students with the necessary Internet connection to fulfill all of their education and community needs.

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Photo by Jacob Hallberg

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