Meet the Editor: Kayla Klein

The former editor of The Front Page, Koa Avery, transferred to the University of Colorado Boulder this semester. Ergo, it’s a hectic time for The Front Page with an office move and the transition from printed editions to a fully-functional online-only student newspaper. The new website for The Front Page will be publishing content on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) this semester. In the midst of it all, the paper has a new managing editor: Front Range Community College student Kayla Klein, age 17.

Klein, a Colorado native, discovered her passion for journalism at a young age. In addition to landing the managing editor position at The Front Page, Klein also worked as an editor for her high school newspaper and yearbook, which according to her, is what sparked her interest in journalism.

“Until I worked for my high school’s newspaper, I always imagined attending medical school because that’s what all of my teachers encouraged. I realized that I loved journalism, and even though a journalist’s salary is meager compared to a doctor’s, nothing beats loving your career,” Klein said.

Klein has taken college-level classes since eighth grade and began attending Front Range Community College after her high school graduation. Last year she began working as a staff reporter with The Front Page. “I knew that writing for a college publication would help me improve my journalism skills and would look great on college and job applications,” Klein said.

She is planning to transfer to New York University this summer to study fashion journalism and ultimately become an editor at a Condè Nast fashion magazine.

Not only does Klein face the normal challenges of her newly appointed position, but she also undertook the responsibility for coordinating The Front Page’s online transition. Making the leap from paper to the web has had some very precarious challenges.

“I’m far from a web designer, so it’s been challenging to configure the website,” Klein said.

She is excited and relieved to have and launched the new website. Furthermore, The Front Page is now able to publish articles daily, as opposed to the previous biweekly print edition, while reaching a broader audience.

“People don’t rely on printed newspapers for information anymore,” Klein said. “That’s why so many papers across the United States have gone bankrupt. The Front Page is moving into the 21st Century.”

Klein, a hardworking student, writer, blogger, and YouTuber, is anxious to share her skills with The Front Page. Additionally, she is currently working on two books, which further emphasizes her passion for writing.

The staff writers at The Front Page welcome Klein and are looking forward to watching the transition from a printed publication to an online student newspaper with a broader viewership and reach.

Written by Joshua Speer


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