FRCC Makes Effort to Welcome New Students

As I put 2015 behind me and begin 2016 at Front Range Community College, I can’t help but reminisce about my experiences as a college freshman. As we all know, getting prepared for school can be difficult, and the first weeks of class are often overwhelming. Everything feels new and different. Sometimes, we want to be safe at home, curled up in our beds.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, alone, or stressed, remember that the FRCC community is here to help you.

I recommend that all incoming freshmen take advantage of the wonderful programs and events on campus. I can honestly say that I regret not participating in campus activities sooner.

Thinking back on my first days of college, I remember feeling very separated from the rest of the student population because I didn’t know anyone. If you’re feeling alienated, the student life office offers free food and conversation for all Front Range Community College students. The student life office is a hub for interesting people and engaging activities.

A sound mind starts with a sound body, which means that students should take advantage of the health and wellness week, spanning the week of February 9.  Topics include a food insecurity day, an alcohol abuse day, and a sexual assault day. New and returning students are encouraged to educate themselves on these issues that affect the FRCC community.

On a lighter note, the taste of Cuba on Feb. 18, from 12:30pm-1:15pm, promises to bring Cuban flare to the Westminster campus. The Snowy Peaks room will be filled with foods, drinks, and everything Cuban.

The FRCC night out is another event that gathers like-minded students. Attendees can connect with fellow students and sports fans while watching the Avalanche vs. Sharks hockey game. You can get tickets and sign up for this event at the student life desk.

2016 promises to be a great year for Front Range Community College students. Students have every tool necessary for success on campus. New and returning students who take advantage of on campus events, student success organizations, and professional staff members have richer college experiences than those who do not.

Here’s to a great year, fellow Wolves!

Written by Christopher Kemp

Photo from Front Range Community College

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