Good-Bye FRCC, a Farewell from Writer Hayley Hunt


Three years after getting accepted to Front Range, changing my major three times, and getting a job at the Front Page, I am finally graduating with my Associates in Anthropology.  Front Range has granted me the opportunity to work more towards my education, as well as meet people who will become lifelong friends. As I move on to further my education at CU Denver, I will always be able to look back on the lessons Front Range has taught me.

Classes at Front Range were always personable with the smaller class size. You get to know your professors and fellow students so much more than any larger college. Many of my friends have stemmed from these classes, and I have continued visiting and speaking with multiple professors who have helped me get to where I am today. Everyone working at Front Range makes it a goal to have students feel welcomed and feel as if they belong here. It is these people who really make the college experience come to life.

Working for Front Range’s front page has been an enlightening experience. The people of the front page welcomed me with open arms, endless kindness, and compassion. Not many college students can say that they have conducted professional interviews that can help as experience for future jobs. By working for the front page, I have learned more about being confident when speaking, taking charge on projects, and writing out important information for others to learn from. 

Even though I have settled on Anthropology as my major, my love of journalism and writing has been brought forth again after working with the front page.  I know that even if I do not work in another job surrounding these skills, I will continue to write in my free time to help progress my learning and enjoyment of them.  Something as simple as a movie review or restaurant review, even if I have seen or eaten it before will only help to expedite my thinking and writing skills, which will stay with me forever.

Thank you Front Range, and the people at the Front Page for making my college experience that much better. I will always remember the lessons you have all taught me and will bring them with me to the next part of my college adventure.

– Hayley Hunt

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