Matt’s Farewell to the Front Page


Written by Matt Cunningham 

Sep. 2018; this is when I was hired as a staff writer for the Front Page on the Westminster campus of FRCC. Nearly one year later, this stage of my life has come to an end. Likely one of the most fun and rewarding jobs I’ll ever have, I won’t soon forget my first professional writing gig.

I have learned numerous writing skills during my time at the Page. It has been a tremendous joy to see my progression as a writer from my first articles to my most recent ones. Welcome Week of Fall 2018 was the first article I ever wrote for the paper. I learned how to discuss an event to make it a newsworthy article; this was one of the most challenging articles for me to complete. 

Later that week, I wrote my first movie review for The Predator. It wasn’t as professional as I’d hoped it would be, and I learned from that review to make my future ones as advanced as I could. My most recent movie review for Midsommar is the article I am most proud of; I felt it was the most interestingly written review I did. I also had a fantastic time writing the review, which likely contributed to the quality of it as well. 

The staff on the Page offered countless valuable pieces of writing advice while I was working. I credit them for helping me mature as a writer, and I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me. 

I was also able to meet fascinating people around the campus at FRCC.  I was admittedly nervous to speak to the new instructional deans, professors, and other important figures around the school. However, these experiences were informative and rewarding. I am still honored to have had the chance to interview ‘high-up’ people in the school. 

As this chapter comes to a close, another one is about to begin. I will be moving on from FRCC to attend the University of Northern Colorado in the Fall. I will be majoring in journalism, with a focus in media studies. I hope to write for their student newspaper, and use the skills I have learned in and out of the classroom. 

This article is my 21st, and final one. I have enjoyed every minute of working for the Page, and I can’t believe it’s already time for it to be over. I hope I was able to bring interesting content to the readers, and I have to thank the rest of the staff for some of their smart ideas for a few of the articles. A lover of journalism, film, and sports, this job let me talk about it all. While 21 articles may seem like a lot, it still feels like I’m just getting started. I hope I can continue what I’ve started here in my future jobs. Thank you to everyone who read my articles; it means more than you can ever imagine. Finally, thank you to the Front Page for everything you have done. 


Matt Cunningham 


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