Sydney True, Women’s Weights


Written By Joe Fisk

Photo By Lindsey Brand

FRCC student, Sydney True, created the Women’s on Weights class. She’s the only student instructing a fitness class and has been doing it for  three semesters now. The class is free to students and meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the fitness center.

True pursues a degree in business, as well as studying for a personal training certification. As the Women’s Weights instructor, she provides experience and knowledge. True has been involved with fitness her whole life.

“As a kid I was always in sports,” said True. “I was a soccer player and a cheerleader.”

She enjoyed dance and was raised with insight from her father, Olympic weightlifter Harry Lee True. He motivated her, taught her techniques, and instilled values in her that she applied inside and outside of the gym. Most important, he taught her to never quit.

“He always told me, ‘Once a quitter, always a quitter,’” said True. “I know that sounds harsh, but in a sense it’s true… Physically, it’s hard. Mentally, it’s hard. But you are capable.”

With a background in fitness and motivation from her father, True was inspired by a friend who introduced her to weightlifting. After lifting together, True hoped to bring a similar sense of community to FRCC.

 “About two years ago I started getting into weightlifting from a friend,” said True. “Ever since then it’s grown as a passion. I wanted to take that and bring it here.”

True’s favorite part of instructing is the opportunity to teach a lifelong skill. The lesson doesn’t stop after the class and the skills learned in class can be shared with others.

“I like teaching something that they can use for the rest of their lives and skills they can put towards themselves,” said True. “They may be able to take from me and show somebody else, too.”

Over the three semesters True has been instructing the class, some regulars have made a habit of going every week. However, this is not required, as the class has a “drop-in” style. The class utilizes the fitness center’s variety of equipment, utilizing exercises tailored to challenge all levels of gym experience.

“I’ll do basic skills that pertain to the motor skills you already know, and I’ll put in some things that are more advanced,” said True. “It caters to beginning and advanced people in the gym. There’s still plenty of equipment and space for everyone. And it’s not all cardio and weights; we also have a yoga studio for those who like to stretch or to dance.”

The fitness center is a free resource for all students. You will need a Wolf Card and can join by signing a waiver that can be found at the fitness center front desk. Information on fitness classes, including Women on Weights, can also be found here.

“The hardest part is starting, but it’s very beneficial, very rewarding,” said True. “So never be afraid to ask me any questions. Especially when it comes to fitness.”  

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