FRCC’s Taste of College

By Drew Lascot

Celebrating 50 years of Front Range Community College, the upcoming Taste of College looks to culminate the student body, faculty, and local community in a “block party-like” bash. Food trucks, live bands from the FRCC’s own attendees, and plenty of games and activities will all be held at the Westminster Campus, Thursday, September 13 at 4pm.  Entry is free and open to the public, with the food trucks taking debit and credit, as well as cash.

“What would be the purpose?” This was the question Vice President of the Westminster Campus Cathy Pellish asked herself, and a pool of roughly 20 board members, faculty, retirees, and other various employees. Together they threw around the usual ideas that other districts have put on in the past, but knew that the golden anniversary was a “big deal.” In the end, they were left thinking about the community at large more than anything.

“What really started emerging was this feeling of a community block party where everyone is welcome. Not formal, I don’t think this campus is formal,” Pellish wanted to emphasize the aim to break down barriers, making an event that could be, “a chance for people to cross all sorts of, are they societal lines? Students and educators, our neighborhood right here, and maybe a couple of the mayors will come. Community is what I keep coming back to, which seems like an overused word, but that idea… when we landed here, we just thought, ‘Yeah… that just feels right!’”

Pellish wants to celebrate the school like one were throwing an old friend a party; more than gathering people together with good food and good tunes, it’s an opportunity to “brag [about] and show off,” what she described as a, “humble institution.”  Promoting FRCC’s music department through live bands, welcoming people to the sprawling campus, filled with games and activities, food, and showcasing a bit of what of what we have to offer is just a little bit of what to expect that Thursday, September 13.

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