FRCC’s 50th Anniversary

By Madison Otten

During the week of August 27 -31, FRCC’s Student Life hosted a week long celebration. Each day of the week was loosely designed to represent a different time period of the college’s 50 year anniversary.

“The generation themes run alongside the culture in the hope that students can connect,” Tim  Mellon, assistant director of student life said. “We value all the students, students that are here and students that have moved on are still part of our community still.”

The following is an account of each event for the anniversary celebration.

Launching into the Future

On Monday Student Life set up a table that had large tubs of frozen popsicles, and also handed out free scoops of Dippin Dots.

“Events are a great way to get to know people on the campus,” said Wanda Voyt, FRCC student. “It helps ease the nerves, it makes us as students feel welcome and like there’s always someone there for us.”

Students lined up in the hallway by the Student Life Center’s doors, the line trailed past the Student Organizations Center’s doors.

“It’s cool that there is always something to do,” Kamille Cooper, another student, said. “You’re never bored on campus, something is always going on.”

Tie Dye & Kona Ice

Outside the Rotunda on Tuesday morning, students gathered around tie dye stations. The first fifty students who attended were given a shirt or a bandana with the 50th logo. This day was meant to portray the 1970’s era for the college.

“It gets the college students involved and makes them more aware of their community,”  Lydia Eby-Buckett, Gateway to College, student said. “It helps them be more aware and helps prepare them for the future.”

The Kona Ice truck gave out flavored snow cones and students were also given custom cups and Wolf Life chapstick. Free cookies, cheeseballs, and licorice were on a seperate table.

Tethered Hot Air Balloon

Early Wednesday morning hours on College Hill was host to a free hot air balloon ride for students and staff members.

A free continental breakfast was provided with juices and custom 50th anniversary cups. Students boarded the balloon in groups and then were lifted twenty five feet into the air, with a tether attached to the basket of the balloon. Faculty and administration members also attended, like Dead of Student Affairs, Aaron Prestwich.



FRCC Faculty and Dean of Student Affairs, Aaron Prestwich, Aug. 29. Photo by DJ Lincks

“I think it’s really nice,” said Prestwich. “The first couple of weeks students are stressed, and being able to to come outside and experience the views is a unique experience. Something cool for them to do. Not a whole lot of four year universities offer this sort of experience.”

The rides lasted until the balloon ran out of fuel. As thanks to the balloon meister, index cards were passed around for people to sign and add small messages.

IMG_0471 Hot Air Balloon at West College Hill, FRCC, Aug. 29. Photo by DJ Lincks

Outdoor Expo

Out by the East end of campus on Wednesday afternoon, a grill station handed out hamburgers and hot dogs. Tables full of vendors lined the sidewalk and  gave out small treats like popcorn, informational packets, stickers, pens, and candy.

“It definitely shows everyone that Student Life is here for the students,”said Nicole LeFebre, a former student government  member and participant in the activities. “The events also brings unity to the school.”

Further down the sidewalk a rock-wall, high rope obstacle course, and zipline were all set up for the students to climb or slide on.

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Front Range Community College celebrates their 50th anniversary with a barbeque, outdoor climbing, a zipline, and booths from local businesses in Westminster, Colo on August 29, 2018. Photo by Ezra Ekman

90’s Music Bingo

The Rotunda was full of students on Thursday morning; some students were trying to win movie tickets.

Every thirty seconds a song from the 90’s would play, participants would find a square on their bingo chart to mark. If a student marked five letters, they won two AMC Theater tickets. If that student won a second time, they won a T-shirt.

Rich Reper, FRCC student, commented on the bingo.

“It’s fun and enjoyable to remember the past with these events,” said Reper “This is a good way to celebrate the past.”

The game had several rounds in order to give all the students a chance to win at least once.

Freebie Friday

On Friday a table with FRCC merchandise sat by the Coffee Den. Shirts, chargers, cups, and other items were available for students to try and win by spinning a wheel of fortune.

On Thursday, Sept. 13, the 50th Anniversary celebration will honor the college with live bands, food trucks, an escape room, and more for current and past students.

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