World Music Day Recap

Front Range Community College is known for hosting elaborate and interesting events, and last week’s World Music Day jam session outside of the Student Life center was no exception.


The Coffee Den and the hallway outside of the Student Life center was crowded with people listening to music, eating free food, and having conversation with one another.

“I was happy to hear something new around campus. The live music was refreshing and uplifting,” said Justin Sims, Student Coordinator of Involvement, whose office was located backstage of the event.

There were a number of musicians who performed at the gig. The Gypsy Jazz Trio, consisting of Josh Greene, Konner McIntyre, and Kevin Garry, Ph.D, was among the first groups to play.

There was also Anglo-American music with April Lewandowski and Stewart Erlich, Brazilian music with Randy Russell, Mexican music with Miguel Espinoza, acoustic music with Nathan Hastings, and original music with Brandon Stow.

These talented individuals were not only able to play their instruments well and sound great, but they also managed to attract and maintain a steady crowd of both students and faculty throughout the event’s approximately four-hour duration.

“It was great to see a huge crowd to turn out for that,” Simms said. “The environment was energetic, the music was loud, and it was fun,” Simms said.

World Music Day encouraged the Westminster campus to learn about cultural diversity through strident rhythms and beats.

Written by Joshua Speer

Photo from Front Range Community College

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