A Fresh Look at the Newly Renovated Wolf Café

Students and staff are constantly juggling academic commitments and social lives. The opening of the renovated Wolf Café comes at a perfect time. With a new semester underway, FRCC Westminster unveiled the newly renovated Wolf Café. Nestled in the Rotunda near entrance #2, “It’s easily accessible [and] has a great selection,” Nathan Hoyland, a student at FRCC, said.

The doors opened at the start of the semester and the staff has been busy. From stocking, cooking, placing and receiving orders to the day to day operations. “We’ve been busy,” said Miho Takana, Manager of the Café and Coffee Den. The café had a test run in the Spring and was a “great test for us, before the opening this fall,” Takana said. Due to current demand and staffing, the café is closed on Fridays to allow employees to restock and prepare for the next week.

This “grab-n-go style café offers a variety of options such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, along with many other snack and beverage options”. Options which Takana says “will grow and adapt with time and demand from the college community”. She explains how, “We are actively seeking the community’s input to ensure that [The Wolf Café] continues to meet the evolving needs of the campus.”

To better suit the campus community, “[The Café is] testing what is selling, and will use this to adapt and grow the menu of options,” Takana said. The café plans on adding additional options in the future. From a salad bar to self-serve hotdogs and other options. “[The café] is trying to see what is popular. We plan on adding a salad option and more healthy selections, and open to recommendations.” said Takana. 

Through the closure during the renovation, student CJ Smith found himself grabbing something from the Coffee Den or vending machines. Smith explained the café experience is no longer just about sustenance; it’s also about convenience.

“It’s like a mini gas station. The café gives us options while on campus. This is so much better, I can get a whole pizza,” said CJ Smith, FRCC student.

The café’s current hours of operation this fall are: Monday – Thursday 8:30am to 3:30pm, closed on Friday. These hours, like the menu, are subject to change. 

“We are short staffed,” Takana said, discussing that The Wolf Café is looking to hire additional work-study employees which will help with expanding the menu and availability of certain options, along with hours of operation. “We are hiring for both The Wolf Café and The Coffee Den,” Takana said. 

Takana explained that when they are short on staff, the priority is the cashier, “making sure we get people checked out”. She tells us “this prevents the Café’s ability to provide certain options”. “When we do not have enough staff we are unable to have someone cooking in the kitchen, as having a cashier is a priority” According to Takana, The Coffee Den and Wolf Café will “work with your schedule, and we have gaps that we need to fill … [it’s] a great opportunity to gain real-life food service experience” (Work Study Listing).

Stay updated on the latest news and announcements regarding the Wolf Café and other Campus dining options visit: [https://www.frontrange.edu/campuses-online/dining-options.html].

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