Goodbye and Thanks For The Fish

I write to you today not as an editor of the Front Page Student newspaper, but as an alumni.

The fact that I’m late on my own goodbye letter is a notion that has not been lost on me. Truth be told I didn’t know how to feel. It wasn’t until the dust settled and my vision cleared that I began to piece together what had just happened, what I just accomplished. I graduated.

I started attending Front Range Community College during the shutdown, when I turned 40. I was tired of my life and desired one that aligned with my dreams instead of what I found myself in. Like all of you I took a risk and invested in myself. Now, 2 years later, I find myself working in the field I want, waiting for the summer to pass so I can start my next step as a student in UC Denver’s Film Program.

I am filled with pride for what I have achieved and grateful for the things that I have learned in the process. I am grateful for the people I have met and the lessons that they have taught me (whether they realize it or not). I appreciate the failures and hardships I have encountered because they have taught me so much about myself and the world that I live in. I am filled with gratitude for the institution that allowed me to excel and acquire the skills that have allowed me to become the best version of myself.

They say that hindsight is 20/20, and where I’m sitting I feel that my decision to attend Front Range was the best one that I have ever made. As your Editor I have only one regret… I NEVER UNCOVERED THE IDENTITY OF THE MASKED MENACE KNOWN AS SPIDER-MAN!!!!

Other than that, it was my genuine pleasure working on this organization with its dedicated crew.

And now the lights dim and the band starts to play as I take my final bow. Thank you FRCC, thank you Front Page, I will never forget you.

Joshua Monen
FRCC Alumni

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