2023 Poetry Month Contest Runner-Up: Crocodile

By Landyn Salzman

Ouch, I’ve been bitten
By a crocodile,
A crocodile,
A crocodile.
A crocodile bit my arm,
But don’t be alarmed,
They were only baby teeth.
But nevermind,
I should be fine,
He only bit my arm.
Unless he is grumpy,
Maybe hungry,
Then he might come back for seconds.
And if he goes,
Right for my toes,
I’m sure it’ll be unpleasant.
At the end of the day,
When I hop away,
You could say I learned my lesson.

A feature with Landyn, including a recitation of this poem and another of his submissions, titled “My Hero”, can be found in episode 6 of FRCC’s favorite podcast Up Front below!

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