Coffee, Bagels & Bear Claws: Oh My!!!

By Joshua Monen

The first week of school is one of the hardest. If you’re anything like me then the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed in the first week of coming back from summer break can be daunting, with multiple classes in one day it doesn’t leave a lot of time for you to take care of your needs. With this in mind, I would like to let you in on a sweet little secret I found… What would you say if I told you that you are a short walk or an even shorter drive away from a student’s donut dream? Well, that place is Donutsville.

With an easy-to-miss location on the corner of 112th & Sheridan Ave Donutsville is a great option for the Westminster campus student to get out and catch some fresh air while nursing the taxed body. With the loss of our campus cafeteria, our coffee stand has been a much-needed relief for most students. That being said, our beloved stand can only cover so much. This is where Donutsville steps in. A hungry student could grab a sandwich prepared on a freshly baked bagel and drink in time to make your next class. Need a little pick me up or help to go to your happy place? This is where Donutsville excels.

As expected a place with doughnuts in the title excels in producing some of Westminster’s tastiest creations, whether your tastes are for the traditional glazed, cake, or fritter. Perhaps you would like to indulge in some of their filled creations such as the angel cream doughnut, a delectable chocolate-topped raised pastry filled with a marshmallow filling that is heavenly, or the toasted coconut cream that contains some tasty Bavarian cream custard. If you allow your eyes to wander the case you will find tresses like a red velvet cake doughnut that is as decadent as it sounds, but for this writer’s money it’s a crime to miss out on the half & half, a half raised plain doughnut that is baked with a chocolate cake doughnut covered with a glaze, which is offered in both the round and in doughnut hole versions and is true baking wizardry.

Whether you stop in and dine on one of the outside tables or choose the speedy drive-through option your trip will be rewarded with the happy thoughts that only good food can bring, word to the wise, some of the tastiest options like the s’mores doughnut is often sold out so the earlier the better in obtaining Donutsville’s sought-after treats.

Location: 5191 W 112th Ave #700, Westminster CO

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