2022 Spring Poetry Contest First Place Winner.



Courtney Danis

A flower cannot grow without sunlight,

It must bathe in its glow.

Its petals cannot bloom without sunshine,

Or of its beauty, it will never know.

It might have water, and its roots in soil,

It will embrace all the rain.

But if you deprive it of the sunlight,

It will only grow in pain.

If all the days are cloudy,

Not even a spec of sun will break through.

The flower will whimper as it dies,

And the blame must go to you.

You chose to get a flower,

To raise it from its seed.

Yet you never let it bud,

You only “protect” it from the weeds.

You provide it what is obligated,

Some water and space where it’s been planted.

But you refuse to let it see outside,

And even in protection, it feels abandoned.

No light is ever shown,

And now only thornes grow in the pot.

It never learns of its power or beauty,

It thinks it’s everything it’s not.

Growing will be hard,

It has to fight for its place in the shine.

But all the pain and lack of love,

Will be worth it to find the light.

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