2022 Spring Poetry Contest Second Place Winner.

A Vixen of the Sea

By Alexandra Berghelm

She is a vixen of the sea

Revealed to those of bravery.

With eyes like emeralds she gazes

And nothing in the world her fazes.

She is a siren and she knows 

Her charms are spreading as she goes.

Her singing’s filled with many tunes

As sweet as Sunday afternoons.

The waves are yielding her the way,

Sea-horses are pages for the day,

And she would dare anyone

Who challenged her, the tempest one.

The humble ones she patronizes

Courageous souls get precious prizes,

But when the arrogant ones come

Her rage is hot like blazing sun.

She is a vixen of the sea

Revealed to those of bravery.

She is a daughter of Neptune

And carries powers of the moon.

She shows the way to sailor ships

When lighting strikes and moon eclipse.

She gives asylum to the needy

And teases those who are most greedy.

The play of dolphins her amuses

Her softer laugh is warm, she muses.

Her hair sparkles in the sun

Sea grass turns pearls when she is gone.

Her touch is cool like a fresh source,

She gives herself with no remorse.

Her energy runs through the creatures

Revitalizing their features.

But it’s not easy to reach her

She only comes when pleases her.

Invisible all other times

Or resting in her chamber vines.

And Jupiter brings out her magic

Her beauty—mystic of old legend.

She is a vixen of the sea

Are you the one of bravery?

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