The Wing Cave & Grill Review


Written by Legend Jones

Illustration by Madison Otten

This spring my friends and I made plans to go see the new Avengers movie. Obviously, we had to plan everything a whole month in advance because of the hype. We nearly had it all together: the number of people going, how much each ticket was, who was driving, what snacks were being brought… of course, there is always the battle of where to eat before the main event. We wanted The Wing Cave and Grill, which has been in Northglenn for 25 years. With over 25 different wing sauces and just off 104th Avenue, it was an obvious choice. Everyone was all for it, except for one guy who wanted Buffalo Wild Wings. We felt so disrespected.

It was about 6:30 in the evening, and there was a beautiful sunset when we pulled up to the lot. We saw a few of our friends and went inside to wait for the rest. Normally, it’s not a lively place during the time of day, but they turned on all seven flat screens posted on the walls with different games and sports; they even opened the bar since it was picking up, especially because it was the weekend. There were banners and flags for football and basketball posted up along the walls, with some pictures of boxers, basketball players, and footballs that had autographs (I can’t be sure that they were legit though). The floors and tables were decent and clean. I hardly saw any trash lying about, meaning the cleaning crew was doing their job well. 

Soon the rest of the gang showed up, and we got in line to place our orders. The service was very laid back and kind, so the line moved quickly. Because I am a picky eater and I can’t handle spicy food, I ordered a seven-piece combo of mild wings and some celery with ranch ($8.71).  They also had water cups at the counter if anyone needed one. 

Next, we sat at the last largest table available. Not even two minutes after we got settled and started talking, my friend’s order was already out. There was a two to three-minute wait time for our orders, each on their separate tray in a rectangular paper plate, and a smaller plate holding about four half-cut celery sticks and a plastic cup of ranch. Some of the orders came at the same time, totaling to about 10 minutes for our whole gang.

Now it was time to eat. All together, we took the paper covers off the wings and instantly got blasted with throwback feelings and thoughts to our old days from the aroma. “Dilly dilly!” we shouted, and bit into the wing. It was a little tender around the ends to chew off, but there was a good chunk of meat. My wings were overcooked by a few minutes, which I could tell from the crunchy ends. I thought the wings were spicy, and the sauce was hot in temperature too. I tried my friend’s garlic parmesan boneless wings ($8.71). The meat was somewhat dry but smothered in enough garlic sauce for  a dip for chips. Nonetheless, it was pretty good (after you wipe off some of the sauce). After trying them and taking a sip of Sprite ($1.79), I went for the celery but instantly regretted it, as it was warm and soggy. I do not suggest it unless they feel cold, or you’ve gone off the deep end with hot wings.

An hour had passed, and we were pretty much set to go. We cleaned up and walked out. There was no greeting between us as we came in and come out, but I wasn’t too concerned with that. Considering it’s near a high school, they’ve got some young workers there who do a good job of taking orders and serving food. But if you’re looking for an energetic worker who loves smiling and satisfying customers, then I’d recommend Red Lobster just adjacent to them. Overall, we had our wings, some good laughs and intriguing discussions, and there were essentially no problems that I had in the restaurant. My rating would be about three and a half out of five stars. The only issue that I could see were the wings being slightly overcooked, but the atmosphere and service are pretty good. So, if you are looking for a nice evening restaurant with a relaxed, casual environment, then Wing Cave is the place for fun and bonding with friends and family!


Name: The Wing Cave & Grill

Location:  1450 W. 104th Ave, Denver CO

Food: Wings, fries, chicken nuggets, celery, hot dogs, cookies

Drinks: Sodas, alcohol, tea, water, juice

Price: $3.99 ~ $13.99

Contact Information: (303) 242-5996

Other Information:

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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