The Student Counseling Center

Written by Hayley Hunt

Photo by Lindsey Brand

Have you ever felt down more than usual, or that you needed to talk to someone about what you are going through? The FRCC Westminster Student Counseling Center is a place where students of any campus can go to for problems with mental health and therapy services.  The center is open five days a week, Monday through Friday, and is closed during fall, spring and part of winter break. There is no upfront cost; however, they do bill insurance for the counseling services, and “when students have insurance, we submit bills to cover the cost of our services,” as stated by mental health therapist/clinician Becky Lane-Ramsey. 

Appointments themselves can cover a range of topics from “depression to anxiety, adjusting to significant life changes, to a history of trauma. You can talk about what is relevant to you, causes suffering, weighs on you like a burden, and things that you are thinking of changing,” said Lane-Ramsey. But it is all unique to the student. 

When it comes to the privacy of students, the student counseling center keeps matters confidential, unless there are problems surrounding your safety or the safety of others, which is the standard confidentiality process for all counselors and physicians. If you are wanting to look more into the privacy practices, you can visit here. Surrounding the appointments, the center’s only requirement is that students give reasonable notice if cancellation is needed. 

To every student, Lane-Ramsey recommends looking at the CRC’s webpage to look more into the types of services she and her coworker, John Cayer, can provide.  For anyone who is thinking of making an appointment but is embarrassed, Lane-Ramsey says that “it takes courage to ask for support and to acknowledge when someone is suffering.  We are here to provide support and services so that students can find healing, make changes, and live as effectively as possible.”  

Danielle Boileau, the director of student success as well as an individual who oversees the counseling center, said that “counselors are used to folks maybe having a little anxiety about taking that next step, and are very sensitive about that,” and that “we don’t try to push folks into doing things that they’re not ready to do.” 

If you are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, you can call or text Colorado Crisis Support Line 24/7. Call 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or text TALK to 38255*. You can also visit one of the walk-in crisis centers throughout the metro area. For more information, visit Another resource located close to the Westminster FRCC campus is the Behavioral Health Urgent Care at 84th Ave. Neighborhood Health Center, located at 2551 W. 84th Ave. in Westminster.

The Behavioral Health Urgent Care offers Denver-area residents immediate support and treatment at any time of the day, seven days a week. Therapists and certified peer specialists are available to talk with you as long as you need and will provide resources around the clock. For more information, visit

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