SGA’s Recent Election Seats

Written by Lori Robinson

Illustration by Madison Otten

Four new representatives win seats in special SGA election

New Student Government Association Representative Tin Dinh wants to “make the experiences here at FRCC more enjoyable.” Dinh is one of four new representatives who won SGA seats in September’s special election.

Students elected Dinh, Todd Johanson, Jacob Sadow and Erin Galecka-Lovins. The Front Page asked for comments from each but only Dinh was available for comment. 

Getting elected was a lot of work, Dinh indicated. He wrote in an email that the process involved “me going out giving a speech to each and every single one of my peers getting them to sign for me.”

One of his short-term goals is “going around school and getting student feedback on what needs to be improved at FRCC.”

Meanwhile SGA officers and representatives align on long-term goals, Dinh stated, including focusing on the idea of facility updates for wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, elevators and entries and exits. 

Any students remaining interested in joining SGA can fill out an application and gather 30 signatures in support of their membership and give it to an SGA member or bring it to the organization’s 4 p.m. Monday meetings in the Student Organization Center.

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