Chrysalis by Sophie Meiers Album Review

By Scheyenne Vue

Sophie Meiers is a rising artist from Durango, Colorado, with an experimental discography spanning genres from R&B soul, indie pop, to hip-hop, and electro. On Nov. 7, 2018, she returned with a new EP, Chrysalis.

The collaborative project features three songs: “Moment,” “Silver Water,” and “Broken Toys.” The EP offers itself as a self-reflection of Meiers’ personal experiences and recollections in life through a psychedelic and soft-spoken electric beat. Meier sings in the title track, “Moment”…  

And I fell in love from the moment I saw you/but I always saw the way you talked about her

There is a clear and dreamy tenor in her style of music that resonates a mellow and nostalgic atmosphere. Characterized by slow tempos and smooth tranquil vocals from Meier, Chrysalis does not suffer as an uninspired duplicate of other songs or EPs. It distinguishes itself, and more specifically, it distinguishes Meier as a promising installment to the music industry.

sophie meiers


A common theme throughout the EP seems to unravel as unrequited love and betrayal. This is complementary to Meier’s style of singing, which is nonchalant as well as delicate in tone and delivery. Reminiscent of her past, she evokes a sense of bitterness and melancholy in response, that of which most people who’ve experienced young love can relate to.

It’s too sudden to suggest Chrysalis be a far cry from other typical songs of the genre. Or that it is on the same level as top charting hits. However, one thing that is sure, is that it is no work of an amateur or fraud. Meiers delivers another great set of tracks to add onto her musical career and she seems to be improving as time goes on. The Chrysalis EP is a project worth a listen and Sophie Meiers an artist to look into.

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