It’s Nacho Time to Check Out

By Madison Otten

Wednesdays are a busy time for the school; Student Life hosts free food events outside of the Student Organizations Center by the Café and the bookstore.

All over the school, little advertisements had been popping up on the monitors depicting a lone chip and chilies with the caption “It’s Nacho Time to Check Out” in large festive letters with a small line of text beneath it reading “Stay focused.” Music was also utilized to help set a quiet, excited mood, along with orange and green balloons at either ends of the tables.

Once the event kicked off, participants received a small boat filled with chips which were then dressed with the preferred amount of nacho cheese and topped off with jalapeno pepper slices. At the time, the fall semester was within sight, with only two weeks left of the summer semester and finals beginning to draw near.

Jordan Ferguson, one of the student assistants who helped with the execution of this event, explained that the intention behind the event was for the students to not ‘check out’ of their studies before the end of the summer semester.

“I think it’s a chance for them to have fun and take a break from classes,” said Ferguson

The event was meant to act as a sort of stamina boost, a breath of fresh air. And the Student Life Office’s efforts to help the students have not gone unnoticed.

Student Gretchen Djibom was appreciative of the college’s drive to host events for the students.

“This school is amazing,” Djibom said. “I love all the motivation and care FRCC puts it to make sure the students are pepped and motivated.”

Free food events can also provide a quiet and friendly atmosphere for the visiting students, as said by student Prasanthi Ragu.

“People can come here and chill and get to see their course mates and say ‘hi’ to them,” said Ragu.

The Nacho Time to Check Out in the student life center was an effort to keep the summer semester students on track to finish out the semester strong. Although finals were just over the horizon, the student life office made sure that the students and faculty would be able to make it to the finish line with a pep in their step.


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