Dae Gee: Restaurant Review

Written by Jacquelyn Alvarez

It can be difficult deciding where to go eat when you go out with friends or family. Coming to a census is almost impossible. However, Dae Gee may be the restaurant to eliminate that problem. Dae Gee is a Korean barbecue restaurant with many options to eat and enough food to make you leave satisfied. You go into the restaurant, get seated at a grill table and cook the food yourself.

Many people make the argument, “Why would I want to go to a restaurant if I have to cook my own food?” That is part of the experience. Cooking with friends and having a bottle of Korean liquor is an ideal way to spend a Friday night.  Also, if you do not feel like cooking, you could just order something on the menu that is already cooked. I chose Dae Gee because my family and I saw it featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. We decided to give it a try and became obsessed with it.

There are four Dae Gee’s in Colorado, one in Westminster, two in Denver and Aurora. The Westminster being closest to where I live makes it an ideal place to go to whenever I feel like going out to eat. The Westminster Dae Gee is on Sheridan Boulevard. The parking lot is small, and there is only one other restaurant next to Dae Gee, as well as a gas station. The restaurant is secluded and easy to miss. So, if you decide to visit, use your navigation.  

The service does not disappoint. Once you walk in, you are kindly greeted. When seated, the waiter or waitress asks if you have ever had Korean barbecue. If you say no, they will try to help you and come by to your table often to make sure you are not burning your food. The service does depend on how busy it is. On days where it is not as busy, the waiter will come by often to fill your water, side dishes and bring you more meat. However, if it is packed, it will be difficult to flag down your waiter. The staff is extremely friendly. They make you feel like they truly want you to be there. They also want you to have the best experience as possible.

The menu is diverse; however, I suggest you always go for the unlimited barbecue. That comes with unlimited meats such as chicken, pork belly, brisket, short ribs and much more. The unlimited barbecue is only $24, which I think is getting your money’s worth. Your food will always come with a bowl of rice and Korean side dishes. These side dishes are typically kimchi, pickled radish, fish cakes, cucumber kimchi and so on. However, as the seasons change, so do the side dish options. Other things on the menu are shrimp, rib stew, grilled mackerel and bibimbap. These are the food options that you do not have to cook yourself.

The best part of Dae Gee is the food quality. You can cook the food however you like. If you want your brisket medium-rare then so be it. The meat is tender, and when it hits your tongue, it just melts. The meats are marinated with sesame oil, soy sauce and onions giving it a juicy, savory flavor. The food is always fresh. It does not taste like the meat was bought weeks ago and has been waiting to be bought. The food is very traditional and has unique Korean flavors that I think everybody could enjoy.

Overall, this must be my favorite restaurant, deserving a 9/10. The only reason why it does not get the full 10/10 is because, some days, it is too busy, and you have to wait to be served again. I would recommend trying it during the middle of the week around one in the afternoon. However, the location, staff’s friendliness, menu and food quality does make up for it.  


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